March 8, 2016 – 5:30 PM

In Attendance: Les Smith, Terri Hawkins, Linda Sullivan, Elroy Mueller, Pat Johnson, Betty Gice, Dave Nei, Bruce Gorecki: City Council Liaison, Liz Dirks, and Mike Bauer.

1. SET AGENDA: As Submitted.


2.01. Approval of December Minutes


3.01. Senior Newsletter: Recreation Services Coordinator Dirks shared that we used to mail newsletters to about 300 people each month and the new 2016 mailing list that Betty Gice has compiled only has 85 people. Betty Gice mentioned that people are renewing their free mailing subscription steadily every month and we are still adding to the list as time goes on. Mike Bauer suggested a direct mailing to those who haven’t renewed to let them know about our new mailing list. Dave Nei suggested we mention the renewal process in the upcoming Spring City Newsletter.


4.01. Congregate Dining: Recreation Services Coordinator Dirks explained the changes that are occurring with the senior dining caterers. She shared that Minne’s Diner’s last month catering on Tuesday’s is March and Dickeys will begin in April. Guadalajara’s last month catering on Wednesday’s is April and Center Cut Meats will begin catering every Wednesday in May, instead of every other. The average meals served per day in December was 16, January was 15, and February was 14. Besides the caterer changes, the program is doing well.

4.02. Senior Program Review: Recreations Services Coordinator Dirks shared a list of senior programs that occurred since the last meeting and shared what is planned to occur in the next few months. Dirks asked for ideas from the commission for future programs. Pat Johnson suggested coordinating a picnic possibly at Triangle Park and taking a trip to the Nowthen thrashing show. Mike Bauer suggested a nature walk led by the Three Rivers Park District and a fishing trip. Dave Nei suggested a Lake Minnetonka Steamboat trip, an Osceola train ride, Alexandria grape stomp, Bram Pie Day, Bologna Wednesday at Pearl Lake Lodge in Marty, and Goose Lake Winery in Nowthen. Terri Hawkins suggested going through the Gillespie Center in Mound for a lake cruise. Bruce Gorecki suggested going to a local car show.

4.03. Rogers-Hassan Senior Friendship Group Update: Linda Sullivan reported that the Chili/Soup Supper fundraiser on January 10 went great, the Flea Market for April 16 is on track, and the greeting cards & dishcloths for sale are a great fundraiser.

4.04. Senior Center Task Force: Pat Johnson explained that the task force received floor plans from the architect, Tom Moorse, and they had been revised after input from Brad about the EOC. Pat said she asked John Seifert for input on what the Rogers-Hassan Senior Friendship Group could use their funds for to help with a future project and he advised funds could be used for upkeep of a new senior center. Betty Gice discussed how her grant research has been going and what kinds of grants can be found online. Mike Bauer commented that the community room location being used for the future senior center proposal is great for a space needs study and may not be the actual location.


6. ADJOURN: 6:52 pm


June 14th 2016, 5:30PM

Rogers Senior Center
12913 Main Street
Rogers, MN 55374

Senior Advisory Members

Les Smith

Terri Hawkins

Elroy Mueller

Linda Sullivan

Shannon Klick
Council Member Representative (Primary)

Bruce Gorecki
Council Member Representative (Alternate)