Activity Center

Mike Bauer          Recreation & Facilities Manager 763-428-0974 


Steve Stahmer City Administrator 763-428-2253
Judy Splett Deputy Clerk 763-428-2253
Melody Swanson Administrative Assistant 763-428-2253
Stacy Scharber Assistant City Administrator / Clerk 763-428-2253

City Council

Rick Ihli Mayor                                            
Bruce Gorecki City Council  
Darren Jakel City Council  
Mark Eiden City Council  
Shannon Klick City Council  


Lisa Herbert Finance Director 763-428-2253
Darlene Kolles Utility Billing 763-428-0920
Hannah Laudenbach Accounting Clerk 763-428-2253
Bridget Bruska Assistant Finance Director 763-428-2253


Brad Feist Fire Chief 763-428-3500
Kris Skow-Fiske Fire Inspector 763-428-3500

Information Systems

Jason Greninger IS Director


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. IS Network Technician



Parks and Recreation   763-428-1033

Planning - Community Development 

Sheila Cartney      City Planner/ Community Dev. Coordinator 763-428-2253


Police Department                                   763-428-3450

Public Works

Public Works   763-428-8580
John Seifert Public Works Superintendent 763-428-8580
Dan Janish Utilities Supervisor 763-428-8580
Mike Sable Street Department Lead 763-428-8580
Patti Porosky Administrative Assistant 763-428-8580
Scott Weltzin Parks Department Lead 763-428-8580 

Senior Center

Liz Dirks             Recreation Services Coordinator    763-428-0939