Rogers Police wishes to inform you of incidents occurring in Rogers, including theft from vehicle, trailer thefts, thefts from local businesses and current scams.

Trailer Theft

Rogers Police have seen a rise in theft from vehicles, as well as vehicle/trailer thefts in the area. The incidents continue to occur and we are working to deter them from moving towards our neighborhood communities.

What’s different about past incidents from these, is suspects are committing a lot of these crimes during the day. The suspects are entering vehicles at local businesses and construction sites. Some of these incidents have occurred in Rogers and surrounding areas and some of the victims have been Rogers residents.

Rogers Police wants to encourage everyone to lock your vehicle and never leave any personal information inside. We have already arrested numerous suspects in these incidents, but they belong to a much larger ring that will continue to look for opportunities to find another quick buck. We want to send a message that Rogers is not a city of opportunity for these types of crime.

Trailer Theft Prevention Tips
  • Block access to the trailer hitch if possible.
  • Locks are a good idea but the suspects have been able to quickly remove them.
  • Document  equipment that is stored in trailers.  Take pictures and write down all the serial numbers of items that have one. If you become a victim of theft and have this information, it helps tremendously in tracking down the suspects and recovering your stolen property.


Often criminals use tax season to their advantage because unsuspecting victims think they may be contacted for tax reasons. These scams are becoming more sophisticated every year as the suspects are learning from past mistakes. When contacted by phone or email be cautious of the information you are told and whom you are talking to. The IRS or related businesses will most likely mail you information, and will never take instant action to pursue charges. This is tactic criminals use to startle victims, in hopes they will fall for their scams.

Safe Zone for Online Sales or Exchanges

Rogers Police Department will be adding access to a video-recorded area in the parking lot, marked for online sales or exchanges. If you often sell items on Craigslist or web-based garage sales, this will be a safe way to sell or exchange them. The sign is on order, which will advertise this “Safe Zone” option, but feel free to set up exchanges at the Rogers Police Department whenever you like.

Neighborhood Crime Rate

Rogers Police reports that the winter and holiday season our crime rate in our neighborhoods have been low. Incidents have been either isolated to a single home or are civil issues. Compared to last year, calls received regarding multiple thefts of mail, packages and suspicious vehicles in the area have been light.