After several years of research and investigation, on August 25, 2015 the Rogers City Council authorized the use of franchise fees to fund a pavement management program (PMP) within the City of Rogers. The PMP plans and prioritizes necessary street rehabilitation and reconstruction on existing paved City streets to extend the life to 59 years. While it’s fairly easy for a City to recognize which streets are in need of repair, funding these repairs can be a challenge. The PMP is designed to track the condition of City streets and outline costs associated with regular street maintenance projects including reconstructions and mill and overlays.

The Transportation Task Force determined the most cost efficient method to fund the PMP is through the use of franchise fees. This method involves charging a utility franchise fee on both gas and electric companies that are operating in Rogers rights of way. Such fees are typically passed on by the utility companies to all gas and electric users within the City on a monthly basis.

Starting in January, all street rehabilitation projects will be funded through the collection of franchise fees, with the intent of eliminating both special assessments to property owners/taxpayers as well as the use of current or future tax levy dollars. The franchise fees will be put into a committed fund for street rehabilitation and reconstruction. The City council will review the use of funds annually during the budget process and will review the fee on a five year schedule. Using franchise fees to fund.