A Business Registration Certificate (BRC) is meant to provide information to the City when a new business moves in or relocates. A BRC is a tool for the City to get a better handle on the types of businesses coming to town prior to them moving in and allows a dialog with the business and the City early in the process, which is important especially since the City has adopted Code 1306 which may require some of these uses to sprinkle the building.

The BRC would give the Fire Department, Building Inspector and City Planner (and any other staff) ability to review a business before they move in and walk them through any city process that may be necessary. The BRC also provides general contact information, emergency contact information, key holder information and hazardous materials to be on file with the Fire and Police Department, in which we normally wouldn’t have. The goal is to have all businesses registered within the City. Once a BRC is filed, per the owner’s permission, the business will be listed on the City’s Webpage under business listings, which is something new to promote local businesses.

Download the Business Registration Form and submit it to City Hall by mail or in person, there is a $5 one-time fee for the BRC. The fee is for database and webpage maintenance. Call City Hall at 763-428-2253 with any questions.