Decorations must be pre-approved by City Staff during the application process.

Facility users are allowed to decorate the Community Room up to the first 6 feet of the facility. All decorations that require a ladder must be done by a decorating company. Facility users are prohibited from decorating the ceilings themselves. 

Decorating is permitted only within the hours contracted on the facility use application.

Candles are permitted if secured within a chimney, so that there is no open flame (votives, etc.).  Open flame candles are prohibited.  All candles must be extinguished and removed from the dance area once the tables have been cleared of all dishware, etc. 

Confetti, rice and/or birdseed are not allowed. The users’ and customers’ safety, as well as maintenance are factors for this regulation.  If the cleaning crew finds that any of these items were used, there will be an additional fee taken out of the renter’s damage deposit for hand-cleaning these items that the vacuum cleaner misses.  

Balloons must be securely anchored and remain within the Community Room only.  Balloons are not allowed in the atrium.

Any decorations left past the ending time stated on the Facility Use Application will be discarded.  If you wish to keep any decorations please remove them before the end of the event.

Decorations cannot be taped to any painted or stained surface. 

Two-sided carpet tape is NOT allowed on any surface due to its permanent adhesive. Blue painters tape is recommended if needed for decorating inside the Community Room.