To insure adequate water supply for fire protection and meet the seasonal peak water demands, the City of Rogers has implemented on-going odd/even sprinkling restrictions. Homes with even numbered addresses may sprinkle on even numbered days, and odd numbered addresses may sprinkle on odd numbered days.

The City of Rogers pumps an average of 25 million gallons of water in the non summer months, however during  the summer months water demand increases to about 100 million gallons of water a month.  This spike puts significant stress on the aquifer and pumping equipment.   The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) also requires cities to address water conservation proactively.  Consequently, the City of Rogers has adopted water restrictions.


  • Hand-Held Watering:  City water customers may wash vehicles and do  hand held hose watering of shrubs, flowers and trees on any day and at any time if the hose has a nozzle with automatic shutoff.
  • New Sod:  If you have new sod or seed  you are eligible for a 30 day exemption permit available at no charge, you would then be exempt from the odd-even restrictions for unattended watering during the first 30 days following planting.  Visit the Permit Portal Public Works Page and choose "New Lawn Water Exception" Permit Type.
  • Non-City Water Customers:  The restrictions do not apply to people who use sources other than the City water system.  Some examples include the Rogers High School and Middle School that have non city water sources.


City employees will enforce the water restrictions when they see violations.  In addition residents may wish to notify the City of potential violators, this communication may be done by email or calling the City offices.  The penalty for violating the restrictions is a written warning for the first offense and $50 penalty for each violation thereafter.