Pavement Management Program

The City of Rogers’ Pavement Management Program (PMP) is designed to track the condition of City streets and to outline the costs associated with regular street maintenance projects including reconstructions, mill and overlay, concrete and storm sewer repairs, and utility relocation.

The City’s roads currently have an average Overall Condition Index (OCI) rating of 80, with the goal of maintaining an average OCI of 70-80.

Although the City is on the higher end of the OCI ratings, due to the large amount of street construction that occurred during a short time frame, there will be significant and costly street maintenance needs in the upcoming years. In being proactive, the City Council believes a long-term funding method is necessary to address the maintenance of this infrastructure.

Pavement pictureOn August 25, 2015 the Rogers City Council authorized the use of franchise fees to fund a pavement management program (PMP) within the City of Rogers. The PMP plans and prioritizes necessary street rehabilitation and recon-struction on existing paved City streets to extend the life of the paved road.

Streets scheduled for rehabilitation in 2017 include:

  • NE Hassan Street Improvements Project - (Country Road, 150th Avenue N, Cherokee Drive N, Carol Lane, Frederick Road, North Point Drive, 148th Circle N.)
  • Rogers Drive Street Improvements (Phase 2) – (Rapid Marine to Richard Street)

The proposed projects include streets that are rated very poor in terms of condition. Under the previous City program, these types of projects would have been funded through special assessments to property owners/tax-payers as well as the use of current or future tax levy dollars. Starting in January 2016, street rehabilitation and reconstruction projects will no longer include special assessments to benefitting property owners. Thank you for your patience as we preserve this important City asset.