Pro Shop & Services

The Pro Shop is located at the Rogers Activity Center. 

The following items are available for sale at the Pro Shop:

  • Tape (white, black & clear) $4
  • Stick Wax $4.50
  • Mouth Guards $4
  • Laces $4
  • Knit Gloves $4
  • Skate Guard $7
  • Stick End $3
  • Hand Stone $4
  • Helmet Repair Kit $6
  • Dry Erase Markers $2

The Pro Shop offers the following services:

  • Skate sharpening $4
    Featuring the EZ-Sharp and every skate sharpening verified with the Hollow Depth Indicator tool.
  • SRS® Hockey Stick Blade and Shaft repair system
    We fix composite hockey sticks onsite at the RAC. We repair broken hockey sticks and reinforce your lamp-lighting weaponry with SRS® composite technology. In the hands of our trained pro shop professionals, the SRS® stick repair system will restore cracked blades, chipped toes, crushed heels, severed shafts, and more. You name it!

    So don't throw your broken sticks in the trash. Get them back in the game with SRS® composite technology.
  • Shaft Repair $30
  • Hosel or Blade repair $40
  • Multiple blade and hosel repairs $50
    There is a 30 Day warranty on all blade and hosel repairs.


  • Anytime the building is open for events.

If you are not in the area contact us for shipping information by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 763-428-1033 (option 5).