Join us in skating lessons developed around skills taught by USA Figure Skating, USA Hockey, and USA Speedskating; together these highly recognizable associations have created a strong core for skating development for all ages and levels. Our skating lessons are for ages 3½ - adult and are broken down into various levels to enable skaters to grow, develop and have fun. Classes are taught over the course of six weeks and are held at the Rogers Activity Center. Rental skates are available for $2 /pair weekly, and bike helmets are available for $1. Helmets are required for all Snowplow Sam and Basic 1-2 classes. All skaters should wear warm pants, jacket and gloves. Hockey classes require helmets, hockey gloves, shin pads and a stick (other equipment is optional but suggested). No double-blade skates allowed nor are parents allowed on ice during lesion times. The skate director must approve exceptions.

We offer a variety of levels encompassing Snowplow Sam – Discover, Learn & Play [ages 3½ -5]; Basic Skills – Fundamentals [age 6+]; Adult – Beginner to Advance; and Hockey (age 4+). Classes are broken down in easy to understand skill sets. Snowplow Sam, Basics, and Adult classes are 30 minutes in length with six free open skate punches for additional practice time. Hockey classes are an hour and focuses on skating skills and techniques; however, we do introduce sticks, and they receive three open skate punches. To join our hockey classes, skaters must have passed Sam 2 or Basic 1 and be able to glide full body length.
It is common for children to repeat a level before advancing, especially with the new skill sets being introduced. All skaters will be assessed the first day of class to ensure they are enrolled in the correct level; if not, they may be moved appropriately. Attendance is important to learn new skills that build on previous classes. Please arrive 20 minutes early the first day of class to pick up name badge and general information. In addition, please check skates to ensure sharp edges as this will make it easier to skate; skate sharpening is available at the arena for $4. If you purchase new or used skates or see rust on them, have them sharpened before the first class or arrive 30-45 minutes ahead of time.
If you have any questions, contact Heather Palumbo at 763-428-1033, extension 408 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..