randys-recycling With the single sort carts, recycling is easier than ever before. This means you can place all your usual recyclables together into a 65-gallon recyclables cart or call Randy's Environmental Services for a 95 gallon cart.  


Recyclables will be picked up every other week. Download the 2017 Pick Up Calendar and the 2018 Pick Up Calendar.

Accepted Items

  • Aluminum beverage cans
  • Mixed mail and office paper
  • Boxboard ie: cereal, cracker, shoe boxes
  • Fax paper
  • Envelopes
  • Computer paper
  • Holiday Lights
  • Aluminum beverage cans
  • Metal food cans
  • Glass bottles and jars (all colors)
  • Plastic containers and lids (#1-#7) ie: pop, juice bottles, milk, water
  • Aseptic and gable-topped containers ie: juice & milk cartons, juice boxes

Not Accepted Items

  • No plastic bags
  • No egg cartons
  • No Styrofoam
  • No pizza boxes or soiled paper
  • No mirror, window or plate glass
  • No ceramic or porcelain
  • No toys, dishes, flower pots
  • No plastic hangers
  • No motor oil jugs
  • No metal car parts

Organics Recycling

The City of Rogers is introducing organics recycling available to all residents.

How it Works
  1. Discard food waste and food-soiled paper from meals, your refrigerator and the pantry into a kitchen compost bucket, separate from your other household trash.
    • Use a kitchen scraps recycling setup that is most convenient for you and your household.
    • You may use any sturdy washable container as a kitchen compost bucket.
    • Consider using the 3 gallon Blue Bag Organics 100% BPI Compostable liner to line your compost bucket.
    • Please don’t use plastic shopping bags or other kinds of plastic bags. They will not compost.
  2. Empty your kitchen compost bucket into the 13-gallon Blue Bag Organics BPI-certified bag. Unlike most plastic trash bags, the Blue Bag Organics liner is specially made to be compostable. All your household’s organics, including flattened and folded pizza boxes, go into that special Blue Bag Organics liner.
  3. For trash day, hand tie the Blue Bag Organics liner and place it inside your regular garbage cart for curb-side pickup.
    • We’ll separate all Blue Bag Organics from other trash at our facility. And off they’ll go to an industrial composting facility.
    • Only place 13 gallon BBO liners in the garbage cart.
    • Smaller bags will not be collected.

Contact Randy’s Environmental Services to start organics recycling today at 763-972-3335. For more information, visit:

More Information

Download the Residential Recycling Guide.

Download the Tips and Tricks Fact Sheet.

Visit Hennepin County's Green Disposal Guide.