road-restrictionRoad restrictions are in effect throughout the year.  Overweight permits are available at the Public Works Department

Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Axle weight limits are limited on certain streets in the City of Rogers to protect the streets from damage when road and weather conditions warrant in accordance with State and City regulations.

Most City streets will be posted and limited to a per axle weight limit. Refer to the seasonal weight restrictions map and the non seasonal weight restriction map. It is recommended that residents plan ahead for moving or construction projects during the spring thaw season since weight restrictions will be enforced and large trucks will not be allowed on restricted streets.


Weight restrictions take effect during the spring thaw season, which is usually March 1st to May 15th, dependent upon the weather. Rogers follows the Seasonal Load Limits established by the State of Minnesota. The Minnesota Department of Transportation has more information posted.


In certain cases, the City of Rogers will offer an overweight permit during the Spring Load Restriction period. Please call the City of Rogers Public Works Department for additional details.