Water Resources

The Community of Rogers is afforded with many natural water resources, including lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands.  The City is dedicated to managing its water resources, creating goals and following policies and mandates that will improve and maintain the quality of surface and ground water throughout our community. 

Smarter Irrigation

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Last year municipal wells in Rogers pumped over 460 million gallons of water. The summer months May through October accounted for nearly 70% of the water used throughout the entire year. Lawn irrigation is the number one reason for the spike of water usage throughout the year. After a long cold winter season there is nothing better than the smell of fresh cut grass and a perfectly manicured lawn, but small changes to how and when lawn irrigation takes place can mean reduction in water usage and savings for homeowners.

Irrigation Tips

  • Smart irrigation systems can connect to wifi accessing local weather forecasts, soil moisture levels, and the entire irrigation system can be controlled from a smartphone.
  • Inspecting irrigation lines for leaks and ensuring sprinkler heads are watering grass rather than pavement is an easy way to maximize water being used for irrigation.
  • Watering your lawn during the early morning hours will limit water loss to evaporation. \
  • Limiting watering to every other day
  • Planting native trees and plants that are drought resistant
  • Use rain barrels to capture rainwater for gardens

We all drink from the same aquifer, small changes can make a big difference in sustainably managing our drinking water supply.

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